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Issue 88

Year XXIII - March 2017

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Front Cover: DELLAS S.p.A
Via Pernisa, 12 - 37020 Lugo di Grezzana (Vr) - Italy

An example of leading-edge excellence in the stone cutting sector since 1973, in 40 years of activity, Dellas Spa has reached a leading position in the international market of the production and sale of diamond tools for marble, granite and engineered stone.


In the spotlight

10) Bovone Diamond Tools, high performance and fast setting up tools

12) Elettron, constancy is quality

18) From the Legor Group experience, the new frontier of brazing alloys

26) Baymet, your reliable partner for raw materials

The fourth of a series of monograph editions on diamond wire

Aiming to show a complete overview of the evolution of the diamond wire over the years, from traditional to innovative applications, we are pleased to continue to reprint faithfully, in this fourth part, technical articles and scientific papers previously published, with due authorization, in Diamante A&T. Although articles are listed in chronological order by default it is recommended to have a look at the date of first publication, well indicated near the title. The unique characteristics of the diamond wire are well highlighted; as a protagonist, the diamond wire is more and more the subject of researches and investments by tools and machines manufacturers at the same time. An important synergy in the development process that leads day by day to new configurations and unthinkable results. From the collection arises the passion and commitment of the Authors, we have to thank once more.

30) Granite sawing by diamond wire: from Madrigali “bicycle” to modern multi-wires
by O. Cai, N. Careddu

48) Proposal of a new methodology for stone classification in diamond wire cutting technology (EASE-R3)
by R. Bellopede, P. Marini, A. Tori, L. Zichella

59) Diamond wire: analysis of forces
by L. Colella, G. Gelfusa, S. Turchetta, E. Venafro

67) An experimental investigation of vibration characteristics in the diamond wire sawing of granite
by Hui Huang, Guoqin Huang, Hua Guo, Xipeng Xu

First monograph edition on diamond wire
Historical part (1995-2007)

Diamante A&T - Edition n° 73 - Year XIX - June 2013
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Second monograph edition on diamond wire
Historical part (2007-2012)

Diamante A&T - Edition n° 77 - Year XX - June 2014
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Third monograph edition on diamond wire
Historical part (2012-2013)

Diamante A&T - Edition n° 85 - Year XXII - June 2016
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