The Manufacture of Diamond
Wire Beads by Free
Sintering Technology

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      5) The manufacture of diamond wire beads by free sintering
  • Part I - Diamante A&T n 49

      1) Foreword

      1.1) Bead for cutting marble or calcareous materials

      Sizing of the bead - The outer diameter, the lenght of the diamond-

      impregnated crown.

      1.2) Choice of bond for free sintering - General considerations, bond for

       cutting marble, the cold mould, final note.


  • Part II - Diamante A&T n 50

      1.3) Choice of diamond type, granulometry and concentration - Diamond

       types, diamond granulometry, the a ratio, number of tips on the cutting

       surface, osculation probability, notes.


  • Part III - Diamante A&T n 51

      1.4) Bead preforming (cold pressing) - Powder mixing, cold forming



  • Part IV - Diamante A&T n 52

      1.5) Sintering and brazing - Free sintering practical procedure, sintering

       cycle, brazing.