Manual for the Use of the
Diamond Wire in Quarry

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      4) Manual for the use of the diamond wire in quarry
  • Part I - Diamante A&T n 46

      Definition of different cutting patterns - Stitch drilling, deep hole drilling,

      vertical through-cutting, vertical cutting with flam-jet preparation, vertical

      bench cutting, horizontal cutting.

      Preparation of holes - Tracing and drilling of horizontal hole, tracing and

      drilling of vertical hole, possible hole repetition.


  • Part II - Diamante A&T n 47

      Positioning machines and equipment - Positioning of guide pulleys, 

      positioning of rails, positioning the machine on the rails, alignment of the

      driving pulley.

  • Part III - Diamante A&T n 48

      Mounting the diamond wire - Cleaning of work area on bench top,

      determination of wire lenght to be used, checking state of wear of wire,

      insertion of the wire into the holes, prewinding of wire, joining the wire,

      positioning of wire on drive and guide pulleys, cooling plant setup.

      Start of cutting - Slight pre-tensioning of wire, running the wire by hand,

      checking of wire rotation, starting the machine in manual position, rounding

      of edges, intermediate stops during cutting, movement and elimination of

      the rear guide pulley, Modifying water jet position.

  • Part IV - Diamante A&T n 49

      Continuation of cutting - Change to automatic working of machine, checking

      and periodic substitution of the join, checking and repositioning of the

      cooling plant, checking state of wire wear and state of advancement of cut,

      insertion of bars in the cut.

      Exit from cut - Wire substitution, start-up of final stage of cutting, exit from

      cut, recovery and care of the wires used and the equipment.

      Tipping and sectioning the bench - Detachment of bench, separation of

      bench by hydro-bag, tipping the bench with hydraulic jacks.


  • Part V - Diamante A&T n 50

       Addendum: Use of diamond wire for stationary machines - Preliminaries,

       start of process-cutting, continuation of cutting, trouble shooting.