Diamond Segment
Production Technology

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      2) Diamond segment production technology
  • Part I - Diamante A&T n 24

      Classification of diamond segments by shape

      Straight and radial segments

      Applications and functions of different segments type

      Manufacture of diamond segments

      Principles of calculation for the manufacture of a diamond segments    

      of a simple geometrical shape

      Calculation of the weight of bond and diamond 250mm disk

      Table of segment geometries by cross section or shape


  • Part II - Diamante A&T n 28

      From powders to green preshaping (cold premoulding)

      Upright premoulding

      Flat premoulding

      Flat premoulding by gravimetric press

      Preshaping of the same segment by the upright system

      Premoulding by volumetric press


  • Part III - Diamante A&T n 30


      Ratio between green and sintered volumes

      Passage furnaces


  • Part IV - Diamante A&T n 31

      The composition of metal bonds


  • Part V - Diamante A&T n 32

      Parameters characterising the binder-diamond system in segments

      Diamond grain retention

      Wear resistance of the binder


  • Part VI - Diamante A&T n 34

      Principal parts of the diamond disc

      Soldering of diamond segment onto the steel body

      Soldering strength

     Overheating of steel body

      Effect of overheating due to soldering


  • Part VII - Diamante A&T n 36

      Tensioning and final checking of a diamond tool

      Rotation checking bench

      Control rulers

      Quantification of disc tensioning


  • Part VIII - Diamante A&T n 40

      The art of tensioning