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Issue 114

Year XXIX - December 2023

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Yinkou Economic and Technical Development Zone, Liaoning, China

Yingkou Mitopowder Technology Co., Ltd as the pioneer manufacturer of micron-sized ultrafine pre-alloyed powder with hydrometallurgy, has many years of experience in powder industry. We focus on the R&D and production of matrix powder for diamond tools, deeply study the characteristics of diamond tools, satisfy the professional matrix powder demands of different customers, promote the scientific development of diamond tools industry. Mitopowder manufactures ultrafine Cobalt-free pre-alloyed powder, Cobalt-based pre-alloyed powder, Laser welding pre-alloyed powder, Free sintering pre-alloyed powder with advantages of porous morphology, high sintering activity and excellent cold pressing ability, etc.


In the Spotlight

08) 51,000 operators at Marmomac over the four show days (+10% compared to 2022). Growth for attendance by international buyers (+15%)

18) The 29th Marble Izmir Fair will be held in 2024 between 17-20 April

20) INTERMAT, the entire construction industry mobilised to build a better tomorrow

Diamond Tools

24) Hot pressing behaviour of newly developed premixed materials for diamond cutting tools

by M. Zanon, A. Förner, D. Kossakowski
Kymera International/Ecka Granules Germany

Abstract: A new family of cobalt-free premixed materials for diamond cutting tools was developed as an alternative to both pure cobalt and "prealloyed" powders. This product family was designed to combine high mechanical properties with the compressibility and process simplicity intrinsic to the premixed approach. Hot pressing results are herein presented for several grades and compared to their free sintering performance. Influence of main processing parameters and their impact on physical and mechanical properties is discussed. Thematrix interaction with synthetic diamonds and its degree of metallurgical bonding is studied as well, on both a qualitative and quantitative basis.

41) Low temperature sintering of WC based diamond enhanced cemented carbides with novel Co-free binder systems

by M. Von Spalden1, J. Pötschke1, M. Rosinski2
1 Fraunhofer IKTS, Germany
2 GeniCore Sp. z o.o., Poland

Abstract: In this work, Co-freeWC based diamond enhanced cemented carbides (DECC) have been prepared and studied. Two approaches regarding the manufacturing process and metallic binder system were applied to minimize degradation of the metastable diamond into graphite. Two types of field assisted sintering techniques (FAST) were used, which allows consolidation of powders at lower temperatures within a much shorter dwell time compared to conventional sintering techniques. Binder systems were optimized to achieve a further decrease in sintering temperatures while maintaining a fully dense composite. Instead of Co, which is rated as toxic and a critical raw material, Fe, Ni and an in-situ formed alloy from Ni and Cu were used as metallic binder materials. These novel composites are compared to conventional Cobased DECC by means of microstructural and mechanical properties. SEM observations revealed that less diamond is degraded into graphite with the use of the studied novel binder systems.


55) Introduction of advanced lubricants into serial production processes

by L. Wimbert1, B. Lindsley2, K. McQuaig2, R. Bon3, J. Howie4
1 Hoeganaes Corporation, Germany
2 Hoeganaes Corporation, NJ, USA
3 Alpha Precision Group, Ridgway, PA, USA
4 Alpha Precision Group, Wyandotte, MI, USA

Abstract: Modern compaction lubricants must address a wide range of key properties through the entire powder metallurgical process flow. These include not only compaction density requirement but also the ability to mix uniformly at scale, good powder flow and fill in powder premixes, ejection, compaction as well as clean burn-off during sintering. Modern lubricant developments, such as AncorLube LV, provide excellent processability in all process steps and are far more clean-burning and environmentally friendly as previous materials. This lubricant has now been used in several production settings and new applications for an extended period with positive results. The benefits and opportunities of using advanced lubricants will be discussed in this paper for various parts geometries and powder compositions with respect to the whole PM process chain.

News and Events

66) 34.BI-MU: satisfactory collection of applications from exhibitors

68) Ucimu: 2023, an overall positive year for the italian machine tool manufacturing industry. 2024 will be stable

Concrete Cutting

72) Renovating a historic bridge while keeping citizens online